Adventure Time: The Art of Ooo

Chris McDonnell of Meathaus fame writes,

Psst… hey kid. Yeah, you with the 22 bucks. I got a hot tip for yous. Even though we don’t have final cover art selected for the book yet, the Adventure Time: The Art of Ooo book that I wrote and designed is listed on and they are pre-selling it at 36% off for some crazy reason. So if you pre-order that massive 352 page book now, you get it for only $22 something, plus tax and shipping. Cover price is a reasonable $35. You’ll be hearing and seeing a lot more about it from me through the spring and summer before it publishes in the fall, but yeah. Hot tip.

352 pp. So, yeah. Shhhhh….

I realized that I never posted any of my work from Gravity Falls.

This was one of the most challenging and fun design assignments I’ve ever had.  Originally called “Bear-Bear”, the Multi-Bear was a crazy mutant bear with bears for arms and legs.  I recall Alex and Mike telling me an idea for a scene where Dipper is consoling a sad bear monster… “There there Bear-Bear”.   I did the rough sketch and in an unusual twist of fate, I think I nailed it conceptually pretty quickly.

Erik Fountain had to board a sequence with the bears and I thought for sure I would have to really simplify the final design once he was done.  Erik ended up killing it and I didn’t have to adjust the design much at all.  The reverse 3/4 position on the turn is pretty wonky now that I look at it… I must’ve rushed through it a bit since there was so much line mileage.

Oh!  I also did a really quick color pass on this design to send it off to the voice actor we were trying to get.  I thiiiiink we approached Patrick Stewart, but he passed.  Then we got Alfred Molina!  Pretty sweet if you ask me.

so yeah.


Last year, Rick Blanco from Cartoon Network asked me if I would be interested in contributing to an Adventure Time poster book that was in the works.  He said that the only catch was that I would have to contribute something that wasn’t in “show style”….  Jeeeez.  Show style is sort of what I do.  And maybe I like to hide behind that kind of stuff when doing professional work. Secret feelingssssss.

I ended up doing it and CN/Abrams liked the final image enough to make it the cover!

The image was inspired by quite a few things.

So yeah, my image is a poor man’s version of the above inspiration. A very very poor man.

Also! I posted my initial comps that I presented as ideas that I wanted to explore. People like seeing that kind of stuff right?  Sort of all over the place….  The one that’s just line I was gonna go bonkers with the color… but comping it in only black and white line was probably the worst way to sell it.  haha.

Pre-order the book here!!! It’s big and came out awesome.

A little over 2 years ago I was asked by Chris McKay to do some design work on a feature he was co-directing.  Chris and I had never worked together, but we had tried several times in the past and we could never get the timing right.

This time I was sure to make it work out. When Chris said it was The Lego Movie, milk shot out of my nose…. and I wasn’t even drinking milk.

I didn’t do a ton of work on it as other obligations took precedent, but it was awesome while it lasted.  I haven’t seen the final film, but what I have seen looks awesome.  Go see it this Friday!

After leaving Adventure Time, I was lucky enough to still be asked to contribute character art that would eventually be used in consumer products.  

Here was a batch of Ladies that I drew back in September of 2011.  Dan Bob Thompson most likely gave me a super loose sketch to start with for these.  I really enjoy the challenge of drawing Lady’s stripes.  It feels extra good when I can make it work, or when I successfully hide the cheats :)

I hope you like ‘em.


chetterbox asked:

Hi Phil you do exactly what I want to do someday, thank u for doing it.


:)  aww man….  You’re welcome.  You can do it too!

I did this drawing for my friend Andrew Bowser’s second Terror Twins short.

It’s really fun and I’m honored that Andrew asked me to help….  and that he put up with the fact that I turned in my image at literally the last second.

Watch the Terror Twins’ A Christmas Spook-tacular

Remember back when I designed these guys?  They’re toys now.

Remember back when I designed these guys?  They’re toys now.

I drew this during the 1st season of Adventure Time.  Maybe I’ll write more about it at some point.  Maybe.


"How to Draw Adventure Time" — a great 16-page guide made for the actual Adventure Time production artists!
Downloadable PDF at
No matter what style you draw in, these drawing tips are timeless!


Pretty surreal!! ….I have some notes though.

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