Last year, Rick Blanco from Cartoon Network asked me if I would be interested in contributing to an Adventure Time poster book that was in the works.  He said that the only catch was that I would have to contribute something that wasn’t in “show style”….  Jeeeez.  Show style is sort of what I do.  And maybe I like to hide behind that kind of stuff when doing professional work. Secret feelingssssss.

I ended up doing it and CN/Abrams liked the final image enough to make it the cover!

The image was inspired by quite a few things.

So yeah, my image is a poor man’s version of the above inspiration. A very very poor man.

Also! I posted my initial comps that I presented as ideas that I wanted to explore. People like seeing that kind of stuff right?  Sort of all over the place….  The one that’s just line I was gonna go bonkers with the color… but comping it in only black and white line was probably the worst way to sell it.  haha.

Pre-order the book here!!! It’s big and came out awesome.